States with Bighorn and Desert Sheep populations As a general rule it is illegal to take or possess the horns or head of a wild sheep without a tag. If I do not have a place that I am trying to intentionally scout for an upcoming hunt, then I tend to select a spot based upon its geographical location compared to where I live. Common questions center around project description, type of construction, square footage estimates, building plans, and inspection fees. Colorado has responded to increased shed antler hunting pressure in recent years by instituting their first ever shed hunting license. Non-Consumptive: Any recreation on FC that does not involve disturbing or harvesting of fish, wildlife, and/or natural resources (e.g., birding, camping, sight-seeing, antler shed hunting, dog training without caps and/or blanks). Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In 2019, Montana passed a bill that makes it legal to collect bighorn sheep skulls and horns. The regulation prohibits lion hunting, small-game hunting, suspends all night-hunting permits and extends the restriction on the collection of antlers and skulls of wildlife through May 15. Also, the CPW Commission does not regulate other forms of recreation such as hikers and bikers on other land-use agency properties such as the Bureau of Land Management lands or National Forest land. Hunting, Fishing and Recreational Shooting. Our portable prefab hunting cabins offer everything imaginable for a comfortable hunting experience. goHUNT is a registered trademark of goHUNT, LLC. ... or you use your personal electronic device to check in. CPW will post signs, send press releases, work with sportspeople's groups and partners, news media, social media and other communication avenues to ensure the public is well informed about this new change.​. Do some research, call people in the area you are interested in, including the local fish and wildlife department or game wardens. Photo Credit: Rob McDonald under a certain size without requiring a construction/building permit. These dates closely align with restrictions in neighboring states. In Wyoming, shed hunting season West of the continental divide begins on May 1st. The season for "shed hunting" will open on May 1. The problem with these closures was that it was moving the antler collection pressure to other areas of the state with important winter range habitats. NOTE: When a Same Day Review is required for the #1R Permit, a "walk through" submittal fee of 20% of the valuation of the work to be completed with a $100.00 minimum will be charged in addition to building permit fees. A Skinning shed will be available on the Ranch, secluded camping will be available, you can hunt right where you camp. Pronghorn Doe Permits: Based on recommendations from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), and in partnership with Larimer County Department of Natural Resources and City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department, pronghorn doe special access hunting permits are available for use on portions of Red Mountain Open Space and Soapstone Prairie Natural Area. Licenses must be applied for, and some are selected at random. Below is a summary of each state’s shed hunting seasons to save you some leg work when trying to pick where to go this year. Receive updates and goHUNT's most popular content. Harassing wildlife is a $137 violation that also includes 10 license suspension points. 2,018 likes. CASTLE ROCK, CO – MARCH 23, 2014: A mule deer shed serves as an antler hunting training tool for Bailey in Castle Rock in March. Pike & San Isabel National Forests, Cimarron & Comanche National Grasslands. In 2018, Nevada passed shed hunting regulations. Colorado Shed Hunters. Shed hunting is the ultimate treasure hunt and, for some, an exciting pastime. Dogs have upwards of 300 million scent receptors in the noses (bloodhound) and with some training, they’ll locate and retrieve some shed antlers that you would have never found. Possession of antlers or horns on private property without lawful access is prohibited. Most of what I've read, is couched under the premise of keeping shed hunters out of the Wintering grounds and stressing big game that are trying to get through the balance of the Winter Although shed collection is not a new activity in Colorado, there is evidence that it is rapidly growing in popularity. Mountain Lion HUNT DATES. ​​. In addition, to further protect the Gunnison sage-grouse, the new regulations include a time-of-day closure in the Gunnison Basin May 1 - 15 from sunset to 10 a.m. 16-Nov-17. hunting,working, playing, and living in the Book Cliffs, Year round! Hunters awarded an elk permit will be blocked from reapplying for three years. And for additional information on elk shed-hunting techniques, see “The Art of Elk Antler Collecting.” Antler and Horn Collection Regulations: Antler collectors and all people recreating in Colorado are reminded that shed antler and horn collecting is prohibited on all public lands west of I-25 from March 2 through April 30. Shed hunting and recreation on Montana Wilderness Management Areas are closed until May 15 in most areas; however, some areas are closed until June 1. The application for a post-construction permit is usually like obtaining a regular building permit. There are many feed grounds in western Wyoming where elk congregate and shed their antlers.By May 1st many of these elk are dispersed or beginning to disperse back to summer areas. Our initial goal is to educate the public about the negative impacts to wildlife caused by irresponsible shed collection and recreational activity, and why the new regulation is needed; however, repeat or egregious violators will likely face a $50 fine and $18 surcharge. Colorado hunting seasons, bagging totals and available licenses vary by region. Then, use goHUNT INSIDER and Google Earth. Let’s use Colorado as an example. The winter lull is upon us as hunting seasons and the holidays wrap up across America. Our guides and staff are committed to providing you with the “Hunt of a Lifetime!” Elk Hunts are either four or five day hunts taking place from from September to November. Get out and enjoy the great outdoors and, if you find a shed, you will be truly happy with your decision. All sheds need a zoning permit, and any shed over 8 feet tall or over 200 square feet in size will also need a building permit. Be sure to check out another article on this subject, "Ethics of shed hunting" here. You will also have presidents at the processor when you hunt on our Ranch. Building permits are normally issued by the city in Colorado where the property is located, but building permits for unincorporated areas are issued at the county level. Use this information to get where elk were wintering during the first week in April, if possible. If you have already completed the 2020 Antler Gathering Ethics Course and would like to reprint your certificate then click on the "Lookup" button. Please stick to public land or private land with permission and respect wildlife’s space. Please print or write down (must be legible) the TAN and carry it with you while hunting or fishing until you receive your license. Colorado has ~250,000 elk in the state. The area surrounding Colorado Springs has numerous opportunities for Elk Hunting. Every hunting unit that has elk will have shed hunting opportunities—and most of the Western states have thousands of elk. This has been in place since 2009. There is a $3 application fee for limited licenses, and a $5 habitat stamp is required on the first two license purchases. Happy shed hunting! Although the CPW Commission decided not to require a permit at its latest meeting, it is an issue it may revisit in the future. Getting a license is … Skills, shed hunting, mule deer, elk, hunting, antlers, sheds. In Utah, you can gather sheds statewide with no permit any time of the year except from Feb. 1 to April 15. on the PCMS. Tagged as: The season for "shed hunting" will open on May 1.